Biopac Student Lab for Life Science StudiesTrade Up Your BSL Experience to the Next Level

Upgrade your existing Biopac Student Lab system to take advantage of improved hardware and software or expand your suite of available experiments. The Biopac Student Lab system is a flexible, integrated life science teaching solution that includes hardware, software and curriculum materials that students use in undergraduate laboratories to record data from their own bodies, animals or tissue preparations. The system includes over sixty experiments that instructors use as part of undergraduate lab courses.

All new BSL Systems include

  • New MP36 Hardware (24-bit A/D)
  • New BSL 4 Software
  • New Lessons
  • New Video Support & Sample Data

BIOPAC’s Customer Loyalty Program provides aggressive discounts when you trade-up your existing BSL System. If you are an existing BSL user, you can upgrade your hardware and/or software through our Customer Loyalty Program. Contact BIOPAC or your local distributor for further information.


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BSL Basic-Advanced Transducer Pack

Basic-Advanced transducer pack

Part #: BSLUPG

Upgrade a Biopac Student Lab BASIC System to an ADVANCED System Transducer Upgrade Kit includes: Transducers: Pulse Plethysmograph Transducer SS4LA Respiratory…

BSL 2-channel teaching lab

MP46 Upgrade

Part #: MP46U-W, MP46U-M

Upgrade your BSL MP45 System to the new MP46 2-channel unit with current BSL 4 software and corresponding BSL Lab…

MP36 System

Upgrade to MP36 System

Part #: MP36U-W, MP36U-M

Upgrade your Biopac Student Lab System to MP36 hardware and current Biopac Student Lab software. Upgrade components: New MP36 data acquisition unit:…