BSL 4 software upgrade for Biopac Student Lab Systems
Part #: BSL4U-02, BSL4U-01

Software Upgrade to BSL 4


BSL 4—Major Upgrade Now Available!

Upgrade your installed Biopac Student Lab system to the newest release of BSL 4 software for use with MP36/MP35 4-channel systems and MP46/MP45 2-channel systems.

  • Save 25% on each additional upgrade purchased at the same time!
  • Includes BSL 4 Software and one MANBSL4 Lab Manual—language based on delivery address: English, Español, Français, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese.
  • BSL PRO Software Manual is digital (included in the software or see Support tab below)

BSL 4—Dynamic User Interface Improves the Lab Experience!

Check BSL release dates to see if you’re current…and scroll down for an overview of current release details. For additional info about new BSL features, see the What’s New section of the BSL PRO Manual.

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