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The Biopac Student Lab system is a flexible, integrated life science teaching solution that includes hardware, software and curriculum materials that students use in undergraduate laboratories to record data from their own bodies, animals or tissue preparations. The system includes over sixty experiments that instructors use as part of undergraduate lab courses and graduate student research.

Biopac Student Lab software guides students through the lessons by using full color onscreen instructions, a detailed lab manual, and embedded procedure videos and data samples. The completed data reports can be saved or emailed to instructors for review. The electrodes and transducers employ sensors that allow the software to communicate with them to ensure that the students are using the correct devices and collecting good data. Once students have collected the data, they use tools to measure the amplitude and frequency, plus a wide range of other values from the electrical signals. Students can compare their results to published normal values, or the values before and after a subject performed a specified task. They can even compare their results with other students in the lab. Results and measurements can be compiled into the data reports contained in the rich-text journals.

NEW for the Biopac Student Lab system, BSL 4 greatly improves the lab experience with a dynamic user interface and enhanced capabilities.

Students can now take advantage of multi-media lessons with:

  • Full color onscreen guides
  • Embedded procedure videos
  • Data samples to ensure good data collection

Once data collection is finished, students can complete integrated data reports in the software journal and save or email them to instructors. The software rich-text journal includes formatting, editing and table tools with mathematical operations, formulas and functions.

BSL 4 also includes new advanced analysis options including:

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Histogram
  • Cycle detector (Find Peak) updates
  • Enhanced event marker and preset options

BSL 4 is available in English, Spanish, or French with support for MP36, MP35, and MP45 hardware for Windows or Mac.

* BSL 3.7 is required for MP30 or other translations—Chinese, Italian, Japanese, or Russian.

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API BIOPAC File Formats

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Support Licenses

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