Biopac Student Lab for Life Science Studies

Watch an overview of some of the newest BSL 4 Features!


BSL 4 supports four-channel MP36 and MP35, two-channel MP46 and MP45, and one-channel MP41 hardware for Windows and Mac.

For MP30 hardware, choose BSL 3.7 for Windows or Mac.


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Biopac Student Lab life science physiology curriculum

Software Upgrade to BSL 4

Part #: BSL4U-02, BSL4U-01

BIOPAC STUDENT LAB BSL 4—Major Upgrade Now Available! Upgrade your installed Biopac Student Lab system to the newest release of…

Upgrade to BSL 3.7

Part #: BSL37U-W, BSL37U-M

Use to upgrade Windows or Mac OS X USB Biopac Student Lab software to BSL 3.7.7 . This upgrade includes…