Biopotential Amplifiers

ECG (EKG), EEG, EGG, EMG, EOG, or ERS amplifiers for BIOPAC Research Systems

BIOPAC’s  100C-series amplifiers compose one of the largest ranges of amplifiers in the industry. They can be used with an MP System or as stand-alone devices. The 100C series biopotential amplifier modules are single channel, differential input, linear amplifiers with adjustable offset and gain. In addition to amplifying signals, most of the 100C series modules include selectable signal conditioning ability so that data may be filtered or transformed as it is being collected. Modules can be cascaded by snapping the modules together. Up to sixteen 100C series modules can be connected to the MP System at any one time. When used with BIOPAC electrodes, AcqKnowledge software, the MP160/MP150 data analysis and acquisition hardware platform, transducers and other system components, the 100C series amplifiers are part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

These modules are used to amplify smaller voltage signals coming from raw electrodes in a three-electrode arrangement (VIN+, GND, VIN−). Electrodes measure the electrical activity at the surface of the skin, and since electricity flows from – to +, measuring the flow of a signal requires that there be (at least) one “-” electrode and (at least) one “+” electrode. An additional electrode, a “ground” (or earth) electrode is used to control for the general level of electrical activity in the body.

Biopotential amplifiers connect to unshielded or shielded electrode leads terminating with Safelead/Touchproof (1.5 mm) sockets. For best performance, use two shielded electrode leads and one unshielded electrode lead per amplifier.

All 100C series amplifiers are constructed with filters that have a high degree of phase linearity. This means the 100C series modules will filter signals with as little distortion as possible. These modules also incorporate protection circuitry to limit input current in the event of input signal overload. Notch and bandstop filters have the potential to cause distortion, especially in the form of “ringing” in the data stream; biopotential hardware notch filters are implemented in conjunction with LP or HP functions to minimize distortion.

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