APEX EEG System components - Amp, HEadcap, GND, AcqKnowledge licenses
Part #: APX-SYS24, APX-SYS32


Wearable, Wireless EEG

Compact and lightweight APEX EEG Amp gives you the freedom to perform measurements anywhere!

Use in mobile or stationary protocols

Record high-quality EEG signals using a wired or wireless connection. The APEX is also a data logger for complete portability and remote data collection. APEX captures full-band EEG characteristics, with an analog bandwidth DC to 350 Hz. Reference channels can be customized, from all channels (average) to a single channel. APEX Systems are fully integrated with AcqKnowledge—the AcqKnowledge software receives the APEX LSL data stream via the included LSL license. Use APEX as a stand-alone system with AcqKnowledge or combine with an MP160 Research System to add other physiological signals and measurements.

APEX EEG System Features

  • Active Shielding Technology
  • (Live) Impedance Measurement
  • Full integration with AcqKnowledge software
  • Marker Button
  • Trigger Input
  • Configurable References
  • Wired Data Transfer
  • Wireless Data Transfer with Bluetooth Dongle
  • Onboard 32 GB Storage (up to 50 recordings)
  • Typical battery life of 4 hours (possibility to extend with a certified powerbank)
  • Cradle for Mobile Recordings
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