Stimulus Presentation

BIOPAC Stim and Event Marking systems

Stimulus Presentation Options from BIOPAC


• E-Prime Stimulus Presentation Systems

Stand-alone systems measure subject responses to visual or auditory stimuli. Stimulus Presentation Systems include E-Prime 2.0 Professional or Standard experiment generator and an isolated digital interface (STP100C) with parallel port cable (CBL110C) to work with a BIOPAC MP System.

• E-Prime Experiment Generator

Professional or standard software versions available.

• Programmable Electrical Stimulation System for E-Prime

Interface the Constant Current or Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator (STMISOLA) with E-Prime to control the stimulus frequency and stimulus intensity for real-time stimulus delivery changes based on a subject’s responses.


• SuperLab Stimulus Presentation Systems

Stand-alone systems measure subject responses to visual or auditory stimuli. Stimulus Presentation Systems include SuperLab current release software and an Isolated Digital Interface (STP100C) with cables to work with a BIOPAC MP System.

• StimTracker—Stimulus Presentation Marker Interface

New StimTracker universal marker interface interfaces with your existing SuperLab software to provide digital trigger marks. Connects via USB and includes two photocells for precise event marking. Requires one STP100C.

• SuperLab & StimTracker—Stim Presentation Marker System

Provides digital trigger information from SuperLab to AcqKnowledge. Systems include SuperLab, StimTracker, and an Isolated Digital Interface (STP100C) with the parallel port cable option (CBL110C) to work with a BIOPAC MP System.

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experiment generator

E-Prime Experiment Generator

Part #: EPM100

E-Prime provides experiment generation and millisecond precision data collection through data handling and processing. E-Prime is a powerful suite of…

Event Marking C-Pods


Send event markers via USB with high precision. c-pods simplify connection & timing details and deliver guaranteed jitter-free performance. Asynchronous Output Scheduler Pattern Generation…

m-pod connector

Event Marking M-Pods


Use m–pod to map any input signal to any output pin, or combine any number of input signals to a single output pin and…


Part #: OUT1, OUT1A

These wide response high-fidelity headphones are used for auditory stimulus (short tones or clicks) or to listen to physiological signals…

Isolated Digital Interface, MP30

Part #: STP30

If you already have SuperLab and the Digital I/O card with the Support Pack, you can interface to the MP30…

SuperLab Event Marking System

m-Pod Event Presentation & Marking Systems


These Event Presentation & Marking Systems include m-pod, SuperLab Pro Stimulus Presentation Software, Response Pad (RB-740), and BIOPAC interface cable (option to…

Interface MP36/MP35 to Visual Presentation System

MP36/35 to parallel port, 3 m

Part #: STP35A

MP36/35 to E-Prime, Direct RT, MediaLab, Inquisit, and other systems that connect via the parallel port.

Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime

Part #: STMEPM

The STMEPM Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime allows a user to interface the STMISOLA Stimulator with E-Prime to control the…

StimTracker Event Marking

StimTracker Stimulus Presentation Marker Interface – USB


StimTracker Duo. StimTracker Quad MARK. SYNC. AUDIT. StimTracker Duo and Quad autonomously detect the onset of events to avoid operating system delays.…

MP36/MP36R to STMISOLA Stimulator

STMISOLA interface for MP36/36R

Part #: OUT5

This DSUB9 to 3.5 mm mono jack interface allows the MP36/MP36R to be used with the STMISOLA Isolated Linear Stimulator for arbitrary…

SuperLab Interface Cbl to MP36/36R/35

Part #: STP35

The STP35 Interface Cable connects SuperLab to an MP36/35 Biopac Student Lab System unit or MP36R Research System unit. The…

SuperLab Stimulus Presentation System

SuperLab System for MP30

Part #: STP30W

STP30W is the SuperLab System for the BSL MP30 See STP35W to use with a BSL MP36/35 The STP30W is…

SuperLab System for MP36/35 or MP36R

Part #: STP35W

The STP35W is a stand-alone system that measures subject responses to visual or auditory stimuli. It can present visual stimuli…

Stimulus presentation I/O lines

USB-TTL Interface

Part #: USB-TTL

USB-TTL Interface is a USB module which provides 16 TTL I/O lines that can have up to millisecond accuracy. It…

Visual Stim LED via Analog out

Part #: OUT4

The OUT4 is a high-brightness LED output device mounted on an angled stand intended to sit on a lab bench and…