Effort & Motivation | Using a Hand Dynamometer in the MRI and In the Lab

Thursday, March 9, 2023

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Many studies have been published using a hand dynamometer both inside and outside the MRI to objectively quantify exerted effort during experiments most commonly related to the study of motivation. This webinar will focus on this topic and go over everything you need to know to record hand dynamometer data inside the MRI or in the lab.

What We Will Cover:

  • Setup in the MRI and inside the lab
  • Calibrating the signal in terms of maximum voluntary contraction (MVC)
  • Real-time access to the hand dynamometer signal by third-party applications
  • Overview of how researchers have used this equipment
  • How to create a visual task that provides feedback on exerted effort as well as rewards to the participant
  • Tips and tricks for good data

BIOPAC Dynamometers:
Hand ClenchTSD121B for MRITSD121C for MP160SS25LB for MP36/36R
Clench Force Bulb:  TSD114-MRIBN-CLENCH-XDCR for WirelessSS56L for MP36/36R

Network Data Transfer LicenseACK100W-NDT Windows or ACK100M-NDT macOS

About Alex Dimov | Alex Dimov (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.) has been teaching workshops on the topic of physiological data acquisition and analysis for nearly 15 years. While at UC Santa Barbara he was an instructor for The Advanced Training Institute for Virtual Reality in Social Psychology. He joined BIOPAC as an application specialist and now oversees European Sales for BIOPAC.

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