Ergonomics & Fatigue Part I: Biomechanics and Peripheral Physiology

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Live Online 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET

Join BIOPAC for our Ergonomics and Fatigue Series!

Learn how physiological signals from the body can help researchers and industrial designers improve ergonomics and reduce operator fatigue. Whether using specialized equipment, performing repetitive tasks, or simply going about our daily work routine, the effects of design in our environment as well as the tools we use and the way we use them can impact our health, work performance, and quality of life. Learn how to record and analyze data from sensors related to biomechanics, muscle and eye fatigue, and elevated or reduced stress. Combine these measures with synchronized video to gain better insight into a participant’s performance under varying ergonomic conditions.

Also, learn how you can use virtual reality to quickly prototype changes to interfaces or work environments to improve ergonomics and minimize fatigue. All of this can be done without incurring the cost and time needed to create a physical prototype. Researchers can make rapid adjustments and test performance before going to a physical model of their environment.

Join Us to Learn:

  • How to measure fatigue and ergonomic performance
  • Physiological signals used for ergonomics and fatigue
  • How to identify elevated or reduced stress
  • How to combine tools to better understand ergonomic conditions
  • How to rapidly prototype layouts using VR for improved ergonomics

Alex Dimov, BIOPAC Product Expert, and Frazer Findlay, BIOPAC CEO, will present the technologies and give a live demo.

About Alex Dimov |Alex Dimov (BIOPAC Systems, Inc.) has been teaching workshops on the topic of physiological data acquisition and analysis for nearly 15 years. While at UC Santa Barbara he was an instructor for The Advanced Training Institute for Virtual Reality in Social Psychology. He joined BIOPAC as an application specialist and now oversees European Sales for BIOPAC.

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BIOPAC CEOAbout Frazer Findlay | Frazer Findlay is CEO of BIOPAC and has more than 25 years of experience in life science data acquisition and analysis. Frazer is a well-regarded expert in the physiology monitoring industry and has facilitated workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is familiar with a variety of software, equipment, and laboratory protocols for a wide array of signals and measurements. Frazer joined BIOPAC in 1996 when he moved from the UK to Santa Barbara as the Domestic Sales Manager. He became CEO in 2008 and has continued to develop and grow the business while also working with physiology measurement and biometric companies to improve the physiology monitoring industry.

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