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Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Workflow—A Great Tool for Every Researcher!

New automation tool significantly saves time and improves data consistency with standardized automated procedures

Workflow’s drag-and-drop interface allows you to automate and repeat the signal-conditioning and processing steps your protocol requires in an easy-to-use process without requiring programming or scripting knowledge. Batch process multiple files with confidence that they will all be processed using the same procedure. Easily automate routines to expedite signal conditioning and preparation for analysis with a standardized and automated approach. Extract measurements, analyze data, and get results faster for meaningful scientific insights. Save and share workflows with others in your team, and reduce training time, increase standardization, and collaboration.

Learn How You Can Use Workflow Automation for

  • Find Cycle: measurements, event marks, focus areas, etc.
  • Channel Management: labels, duplication, display, autoscale, etc.
  • Measurements
  • Transformations: Filtering, Derivative, Smoothing, Waveform math, etc.
  • Analysis routines for: HRV, BP, LVP, ECG, MAP, EDA, Epoch analysis, EMG Frequency and power analysis, Stim response, etc.
  • Customized Batch Processing routines for your study protocol
  • Standardized conditioning protocols for analysis preparation
  • Analysis routines and custom sequences

BIOPAC CEOPresenter: Frazer Findlay

Frazer Findlay is CEO of BIOPAC and has more than 25 years of experience in life science data acquisition and analysis. Frazer is a well-regarded expert in the physiology monitoring industry and has facilitated workshops in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He is familiar with a variety of software, equipment, and laboratory protocols for a wide array of signals and measurements. Frazer joined BIOPAC in 1996 as the Domestic Sales Manager and became CEO in 2008. He continues to develop and grow the business while also working with physiology measurement and biometric companies to improve the physiology monitoring industry.

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