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Previous Release – Use only if you cannot update to current release
BSL To analyze Biopac Student Lab data files on a computer without an MP3X data acquisition unit connected, use this software download (13 MB). The download will install an analysis-only version of the software, which will allow you to use the Review Saved Data (RSD) tools. You cannot acquire data with this version.
This download is compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and can read files generated by (see link to free download below):
  • Mac: BSL Lessons 3.0.7 or BSL PRO 3.6.6
  • Windows: BSL 3.7.x or below

BSL Lesson data—Open and analyze data recorded with the Biopac Student Lab Lesson software.

BSL PRO data—To open a BSL PRO file you have to rename the file to meet the BSL Lesson naming convention.
  • The naming convention for Lessons is BIOPACfile-L18
    • Note that there is no dot.
    • The number does not have to be 18—it can be any two digit number between 01 and 99.
    • You can have any sequence of letters before -L. For example, file-L03, ECGtest-L77 and Longfilename-L11 are all legitimate file names.


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