Speech as a Form of Social Status Signaling

Humans, much like animals, separate themselves into different social hierarchies often associated by some specific sort of status signal. While animals may assign hierarchies strictly through physiological measures, the Biosocial Model states that speech is often the strongest form of status signaling for humans. BIOPAC user Allan Mazur recently was part of the research team […]

Photoplethysmography, Fear Conditioning and Arthroplasty—New Citations

In Technology: Photoplethysmography with a Smart Phone Pulse transit time (PTT) recordings are widely used to make inferences about dynamics of vascular walls and blood pressure variations, parameters useful to the diagnosis of several respiratory conditions.  Chinese researchers have developed a method for noninvasive photoplethysmograhic imaging (PPGi) using the dual cameras of a common smartphone, […]

Magnets, ADHD and Hypothermia—New Citations

Magnets and Blood Pressure Biomedical researchers in China have recently investigated the possibility of using magnets to alter a person’s blood pressure. They constructed a device that applies a weak, rotating magnetic field around the cerebral cortex. The researchers used a BIOPAC MP150 Data Acquisition System to obtain continuous blood pressure data. What they found […]

Fear of Flying, Cycling and Paradoxical Pain—New Citations

Fear of Flying Virtual Reality provides a safe environment for treatment of patients with phobias through vivo exposure, although generalization of this type of treatment is rare. Researchers recently used virtual reality equipment to treat a young woman for her fear of flying. They used a BIOPAC VR ultimate system for the patient’s six sessions […]

Emotions, Yelling and Alcohol—New Citations

Emotions in Action Researchers Blakemore et al. have recently performed a study evaluating increased force production as a response to emotionally stimulating images. Subjects’ finger grip force measurements were amplified with a DA100C general purpose transducer amp, and data for force and respiratory effort were acquired with an MP150 and analyzed with AcqKnowledge software. The study details […]

Social Cues, Taekwondo and Sickle Cells—New Citations

Social Judgments and Brain Activity International researchers have recently teamed up to quantify brain activity of both Canadian and Japanese participants in response to emotion rating tests with background social cues. They used a BIOPAC EEG100C along with MP150 Data Acquisition to obtain ERP data. The study found a significant difference in response activity between […]

B-Alert EEG-Based Metrics in Deadly Force Training

The B-Alert Wireless EEG system and Cognitive state metrics software were highlighted by NBC News San Diego on the August 17th edition of their newscast, which reported they were being used during police deadly force training. NBC News profiles the recently validated findings from Advanced Brain Monitoring, who are using their technology to monitor police officer’s brain activity […]

BIOPAC Featured on Good Morning America for Stress Response Data

BIOPAC equipment was featured on the August 20, 2015 Good Morning America program. The segment—titled “Is Tension Contagious?”—profiled how stress can spread across individuals. The profile covered a variety of different environments of when this effect may happen, from parent to child or from husband to wife. The segment ended with a live demonstration of […]

Common Knowledge, Gambling, & Sex Differences—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Gambling and Arousal: Researchers examined the relationships associated with arousal during the Iowa Gambling Task including personality, phases of gambling, and perceived control of gambling task. A BIOPAC MP150 system with EDA amplifiers were used to record Skin Conductance Response (SCR) in […]

Soccer Players, ADHD Medicine & Valuing Happiness—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Nervous System Activity in Soccer Players: Researchers studied the autonomic nervous modulation in soccer players in comparison to ordinary individuals and the effect of rest on that modulation. ECG signals were recorded from participants using a BIOPAC MP150 system. Read the entire […]