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New Citations | Substance Abuse, Resistance Exercise & Alternative Medicine

Substance_AbusePsychophysiological Indicators for Substance Abuse in Preschoolers: Children’s development of emotional regulation is seen as an extremely crucial part in their development of social behavior. Researchers from the University of Oregon hypothesized that children whom have faced high levels of adversity, and would thus have low emotional regulation, would help identify physiological markers that could indicate a propensity toward substance abuse. ECG data was recorded from mothers and their children using BioNomadix wireless ECG amplifiers and an MP150 data acquisition system. Find the full paper here.

Muscle Activation During Resistance Exercise: Researchers investigated electromyographic amplitude, EMG mean power frequency, exercise volume, total work and muscle activation, and time under concentric load during, and muscle cross-sectional area (mCSA) before and after three sets of resistance exercise. Their study was the first to compare all those data sets to see what effect they would have on individuals’ performing resistance exercise. EMG was recorded from subjects using wired EMG100C amplifiers and an MP150 system. Find the full experiment here.

Alternative Medicine Practices for Menopausal Women: Artemisia princeps Pamp (APP), Leonurus japonicas Houtt (LJH), and Gardenia jasminoides Ellis fruit (GJE) have been used as alternative medicine to treat women’s diseases related to reproductive system health. Scientists thus investigated the combination of the three to treat symptoms of estrogen deficiency. The treatments were tested on rats and data was recorded using a BIOPAC O2 and CO2 measurement system. Read the full paper here.

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New Citations | Respiration Analysis and More

Comparing Diaphragm Tissue Between Healthy and Ill Patients The human diaphragm is one of the primary muscles used in respiration, contracting and expanding to control breathing. To measure how much diaphragms move for critically ill patients (in an Intensive Care Unit) compared to diaphragms in a healthy subject, patients at “Papageorgiou” General Hospital in Thessaloniki, […]

BIOPAC Systems Helps STARK Industries Launch VITAL Ventilator for NASA JPL

BIOPAC’s ventilator testing equipment and expertise supports STARK Industries’ effort to manufacture, validate, and test NASA JPL’s VITAL Ventilators Goleta, California – June 16, 2020 BIOPAC Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with STARK Industries, LLC to provide ventilator validation and testing equipment for the mass production of ventilators. STARK Industries was awarded a global license […]

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