Monthly Archives: August 2010

BIOPAC Developer Tools released

Do it your way…customize and automate your own routines with BIOPAC Developer tools. BIOPAC Developer tools give you customization and greater access to your data to help you expedite and simplify the analysis process. BIOPAC Developer tools are available individually or in bundled packages: AcqKnowledge plus Scripting, NDT, BHAPI, ACKAPI – ACK100W-ENT API for BIOPAC […]

fNIR Symposium 11/15 in San Diego

You’re invited to an fNIR Theory & Systems Symposium Come to this event to see fNIR systems first-hand and talk to experts about system application and measurement. Introduction to Functional Near-Infrared (fNIR) Spectroscopy Presenters: Kurtulus Izzetoglu and Anna Merzagora Monday, November 15 — 6:30-8:30 PM Hilton San Diego Bayfront — meeting room Indigo 202B This […]


A new application note for MRI Smart Amplifiers addresses the recording of real-time physiological data, from a human subject, during fMRI. These MRI Smart Amplifiers are designed differently than BIOPAC’s standard amplifier modules. MRI-specific amplifier modules feature internal circuitry which is designed to minimize MRI artifact (to the maximum extent possible) while still best preserving […]

NEW Vibromyography systems assess muscle effort

Breakthrough VMG technology— Record vibration data received from precision accelerometers and proprietary software algorithms to capture muscle force data in real time. Watch a demo video now! Click narration language: English | Chinese | Espanol | Francois | Japanese | Korean  VMG Benefits Ability to perform muscle balance assessments Improved reproducibility between muscles and individuals Convenient setup Reduced setup time Improved […]