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New Citations | ECG Personal Identification, Cognitive Decline and Exercise, & Mechanical Impulses

ECG Identification Study, ECG100C Amplifiers, ECG signal password Personal Identification: Researchers from Yonsei University recently performed a study testing the viability of using ECG signals for individual identification, much like a password or key. Their study investigated experiments that recorded ECG after exercise and estimated the recognition potential of these signals. ECG was measured from subjects using the BIOPAC MP150 data acquisition system with ECG100C amplifiers. Read the full paper on Using ECG Signals for Individual Identification here.

Cognitive Performance and Exercise: Cognitive performance has been shown to decline after fatiguing exercise, but branched-chain amino acids have been suggested to help alleviate this. Researchers conducted a study measuring 12 taekwondo athletes performing fatiguing exercise and then supplying two different supplements to them, one being amino acids and the other a placebo. A BIOPAC MP150 system was used to measure the athletes’ EMG during the exercise. Find the full Cognitive Performance Experiment here.

Mechanical Impulses on Lower Back Pain: Myofascial pain is a common syndrome in the lower back that unfortunately has not been studied extensively. Researchers Bert Ameloot and Jeff Bagust conducted a study to quantify the effect of mechanical impulses on myofascial pain and normal muscle tissue. EMG was recorded during the procedure using BIOPAC MP150 Research System with EMG100C amplifiers. Read the full Myofascial Pain Study here.

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BSL Home enables students to safely conduct hands-on physiology labs wherever they are! Purchase this complete lab solution to preserve practical lab experience! Includes MP41 Unit+Lead Set with BSL Home software, EL503 electrodes, WRAP1 self-adhering wrap for EEG lessons, and disposable 9 V battery. For instructors—BSL Home makes it easy for instructors to continue running practical […]

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New Citations | Respiration Analysis and More

Comparing Diaphragm Tissue Between Healthy and Ill Patients The human diaphragm is one of the primary muscles used in respiration, contracting and expanding to control breathing. To measure how much diaphragms move for critically ill patients (in an Intensive Care Unit) compared to diaphragms in a healthy subject, patients at “Papageorgiou” General Hospital in Thessaloniki, […]

BIOPAC Systems Helps STARK Industries Launch VITAL Ventilator for NASA JPL

BIOPAC’s ventilator testing equipment and expertise supports STARK Industries’ effort to manufacture, validate, and test NASA JPL’s VITAL Ventilators Goleta, California – June 16, 2020 BIOPAC Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with STARK Industries, LLC to provide ventilator validation and testing equipment for the mass production of ventilators. STARK Industries was awarded a global license […]

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