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Changes in Blood Oxygenation as a Function of Perfectionism—APS Presentation

fNIR SensorChanges in Blood Oxygenation as a function of perfectionism, mental health, and cognitive performance was the topic of Michael Lynch’s poster presentation at the Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference 2016.

The presentation reviews their study to identify possible determinants of activity in the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex for perfectionist tendencies, symptoms characteristics for mental health, and cognitive performance. fNIR systems were used to measure neural activity while subjects performed two separate cognitive performance tasks.

Click here to read the poster overview (PDF): Bergamo et al (APS 2016) – Changes in blood oxygenation.

Changes in Blood Oxygenation across the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex as a Function of Perfectionism, Mental Health, and Cognitive Performance N. Bergamo, T. Lui, T. Simpson, P. Bouge, L. Dolan, B. Sharer, C. O’Brien, A. DiPreta, K. Fawcett, L. McMahon, Z. Zahid, M. Lynch and the Center for Research on Human Development and Adaptation, SUNY Geneseo

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