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BIOPAC develops and supports scientific tools used around the world for a wide array of studies. We can help you get meaningful feedback for Product Development: testing ergonomics, user feedback, preference, single or group cases; Media: movies, plays, broadcasts, meetings, classroom; Sensory testing: flavors and fragrances; User experience: websites, application UI, games; Branding: corporate color schemes, planes, delivery vehicles, stores, uniforms, etc.; Menu display testing in fast-food stores, locations, etc.; Layouts and color schemes of stores; Price point; Promotional messaging; and more…
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  • Ensure product and messaging alignment
  • Test the consumer’s emotional response and align with the product and brand promise
  • Test the user experience with the packing
  • Shelf visibility testing – in-store and virtual
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  • Test concepts with individuals and groups
  • Synchronize media delivery with physiological data, eye tracking, and video
  • Portable for in-home and remote tests
  • Larger group studies in-lab, theater, concert, and stadium settings
  • Identify consumer preferences before product release
  • Test product concepts earlier in the design process to avoid costly revisions
  • Gain a competitive advantage and release products you know your customers will buy
  • Compare messaging and identify emotional responses and behavioral changes
  • Ensure messaging is consistent with product and brand perception
  • Test large scale branding projects in the virtual world – store fronts, corporate livery, restaurant’s, etc.
  • Create highly-controlled virtual store layouts to test consumer responses
  • Eye track and collect physiological data while consumers browse
  • See how quickly people can locate target objects – identify frustration points and monitor workload and engagement levels
  • Test computer-driven price models
  • Identify consumer price point preferences
  • Understand the performance of the offer
  • Evaluate how value propositions influence buying decisions
  • Ergonomics
  • Test UI designs to gain insights into the user’s emotional response
  • Calculate time to complete tasks
  • Identify frustrations and potential sticking points during the experience
  • Understand the user’s experience from behavior, physiological responses & direct feedback
  • Scenario test and evaluate consumer responses
  • Assess cognitive load and engagement
  • Identify subtle consumer preferences
  • Taste and fragrance test in the virtual world – set the mood for the subject
  • Synchronized video and physiological data provide precise timing of response to stimulus
  • Monitor shared experience in real or virtual environments
  • Individualized and group metrics
  • Synchronized biometric feedback
  • Collect data as colleagues interact and complete their tasks
  • Improve performance and understand group dynamics
  • Adjust training per real-time metrics
  • Ergonomics
  • Cognitive State: workload, distraction
  • Area of Interest (AOI)
  • Synchronized video and biometric response
  • Analyze ergonomics & productivity
  • Simulate Disaster Management
  • Test Safety Engineering

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  • Assess objective & subjective metrics
  • Remote & Long-term data options
  • Physiological response data


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