Tubing & Couplers

AFT11 Series Couplers

Couplers connect a variety of air flow port IDs and ODs to transducers, tubing and calibration syringes. Pick an AFT11 Series coupler that matches the port sizes that need to be interfaced. Smooth bore tubing, rigid and flexible couplers (15 through 45 mm diameters) are offered. 

Coupler –  Size  – Common Interface

AFT11A – 25 MM OD/35 MM ID – AFT6A to AFT1
AFT11B – 15 MM OD/22 MM ID – AFT10 to SS11LA
AFT11E – 22 MM OD/35 MM ID – AFT7 to AFT22/25
AFT11F – 35 MM OD/45 MM OD – SS52L to GASSYS
AFT11H – 35 MM OD/28.6 MM ID AFT13 to SS11LA
AFT11I – 22 MM OD/22 MM ID – AFT26 replacement coupler

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15mm ID, 22 MM OD with Luer tap

Coupler with Pressure Tap

Part #: AFT160

The AFT160 rigid 15 mm OD, 22 mm ID Pressure Tap coupler mates one connection with a 15 mm OD…



Part #: AFT11A, AFT11B, AFT11C, AFT11D, AFT11E, AFT11F, AFT11H

These couplers connect a variety of air flow port IDs and ODs to transducers, tubing, filters, mixing chambers, and calibration…

manomter range 2psi

Differential Pressure Manometer with NIST Calibration

Part #: AFTCAL-160

Use this NIST-certified manometer to calibrate the TSD160 series of differential pressure transducers. Range ±2 psi, ±140.6 cm H2O. The…

fits O2 sensor (RX301) and 22 mm tubing (AFT12)

Inline Coupler for O2 Sensor

Part #: AFT301

This inline coupler has a threaded port to fit the Galvanic Oxygen Sensor (RX301; included in TSD301) and ends that…

GASSYSTEM3 Calibration tubing

Regulator Barb Interface GASSYS3

Part #: AFT17

Use this Regulator Barb Interface with Luer lock to connect a regulator (such as GASREG) and GASCAL or GASCAL2 calibration…

Gas Analysis Calibration accessory

Regulator Barb Interface Kit

Part #: AFT16

Use the Regulator Barb Interface Kit to interface the GASCAL+GASREG calibration gas combination to an AFT15 mixing chamber to calibrate…

inline tap for air or humidity

Tap Interface for Airflow or Humidity

Part #: AFT302

The AFT302 allows for a tap into a standard 22 mm ID airflow circuit to use a TSD302 temperature transducer…


Tubing – Smooth Bore

Part #: AFT7, AFT12, AFT7-L

Smooth bore tubing for breathing circuits. 22 mm ID: AFT12 1.8 m 35 mm ID: AFT7 1 m or AFT7L 3 m Smooth…