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Feelings and emotions are at the core of how the human mind processes and responds to stimuli. Despite this connection, measuring human emotional response to stimuli in a meaningful way has presented a challenge to researchers for centuries. Today’s researchers use affect, a multi-dimensional approach to measuring psychophysiological responses to stimuli, to better understand the nature of human feelings, moods, emotions.

Learn how you can objectively measure emotional responses via physiological measures.

Highlights include:

  • Examples using multiple signals including facial EMG, EDA, temperature, blood pressure, and fNIRS
  • Quantifying the valence (positive vs. negative) of emotions and the degree of arousal
  • Accessing real-time data for biofeedback or for applications in online emotional state classification
  • Combining subjective and objective measures on a single timeline

Learn about a wide array of existing techniques and tools so you can make an informed decision about what measures to use in your study protocol.

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