Wood – Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology


6e - Main, Cat, or Pig


Michael G. Wood Laboratory Manual  

BIOPAC has teamed up with several authors to add even more functionality to your systems. As an alternative to the Biopac Student Lab Manual (MANBSL4 or MANBSL-45) that ships with each BSL system, these authors have included our exercises in their texts, giving you another view of how to use our lessons.

Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology, Sixth Edition

Author: Michael G. Wood, M.S., Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas

Publisher: PEARSON.com for print and digital options

    • Main Version, 6e, ISBN-13:  9780134460109
    • Cat Version, 6e, ISBN-13:  9780134460116
    • Pig Version, 6e,ISBN-13:  9780134460109

These full-color anatomy and physiology lab manuals are appropriate for use with any mainstream anatomy and physiology text. Exercises using BIOPAC instrumentation and software familiarize students with standard technologies in the field. BIOPAC exercises include:

    • Standard & Integrated EMG Activity – BSL L01
    • Motor Unit Recruitment & Fatigue – BSL L02
    • Reaction Time – BSL L11
    • Electrooculogram (EOG) – BSL L10
    • Electrocardiography (ECG) – BSL L05
    • ECG & Blood Volume – BSL L07
    • Respiratory System: Volumes & Capacities – BSL L12
    • Respiratory Rate & Depth – BSL L08

This is not a BIOPAC product. Order from publisher or other bookseller using the ISBN provided.

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