Computer-Aided Physiology Fundamentals for Successful Student Labs

Thursday, January 6, 2022

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How can technology improve student success in physiology labs? Research1 suggests students find physiology content more difficult to learn than anatomy. Computer-aided physiology systems provide a high-impact experience that fosters active learning, critical thinking, and technical lab skills. Watch if you are interested in learning more about:

  • Fundamentals of computer-aided-physiology systems, such as Biopac Student Lab.
  • Logistics and resources required to successfully run computer-aided physiology labs.
  • Best practices for facilitating computer-aided physiology labs for the first time.

Learn how you can maximize learning and student engagement in your physiology lab. We cover everything from funding resources for physiology lab equipment to how to set up and run a lab right out of the box.

This online seminar highlights the Biopac Student Lab, but the information will apply to all computer-aided physiology systems designed for students in the lab. This online seminar is ideal for Instructors and Staff who are:

  • Novice with computer-aided physiology systems
  • New to teaching with Biopac Student Lab
  • Eager to improve the use of their current computer-aided physiology systems

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About Jasmine Anderson
Jasmine was the Biopac Student Lab Product Manager; she previously served as the Midwest Regional Sales Representative for four years. Prior to joining BIOPAC Systems, Jasmine taught undergraduate laboratory courses and received training in active learning strategies for STEM.

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