Refocus on Student Collaboration and Prioritize Hands-On Labs and Learning

Thursday, August 19, 2021

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Learn strategies that refocus student collaboration and learning with hands-on Biopac Student Labs. We’re excited to showcase three instructors who share their experiences adapting to the recent COVID-19 crisis and how they managed to prioritize practical and meaningful labs.

We examine ways to help students relearn working together, catch-up on in-person discovery, and get the most out of active learning after a year of virtual instruction.

Expert Panelists:

  • Maia Pujara, PhD, from Sarah Lawrence College, shares her experience with adapting hands-on Psychophysiology labs for a small research seminar. In small three-person groups, students were able to collect data weekly during the middle of the semester for each of the following labs: EMG, ECG, HRV, and EEG. Discussions of the lab reports were accompanied by journal club discussions of short research articles that were conceptually relevant to each lab.
  • Laureen Pladdys-Paret, DC, from Cabrini University, will share her experience teaching General Physiology Lab and Anatomy & Physiology Labs during the pandemic. Utilizing Biopac Student Lab, nursing, pre-med, pre-dental, and exercise science students had the opportunity to benefit benefitted from hands-on involvement. Looking ahead to the upcoming semester, she will discuss her plans to prioritize student collaboration & and practical instruction.
  • Brittney Nackley, MS, from Virginia Tech, discusses the logistics of hands-on lab learning in a remote format, and how collaboration is still possible.

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About Maia Pujara, PhD

Maia Pujara, Ph.D.  is a neuroscientist with a focus on the effects of emotion (affect) on decision-making and positive mood inductions to improve decision-making, well-being, and mental health. She teaches Psychology at Sarah Lawrence College and has many publications related to the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

About Brittany Nackley, MS

Brittany Nackley, M.S., is an instructor at Virginia Tech in the Psychology Department and is currently pursuing her PhD in biological psychology. Her research interests include the autonomic nervous system and its effect on emotions, especially anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

About Laureen Pladdys-Paret, DC

Laureen Pladdys-Paret, DC, teaches General Physiology Lab and Anatomy & Physiology Lab to nursing, pre-med, pre-dental and exercise science students at Cabrini University.

About Jasmine Anderson

Jasmine was the Biopac Student Lab Product Manager; she previously served as the Midwest Regional Sales Representative for four years. Prior to joining BIOPAC Systems, Jasmine taught undergraduate laboratory courses and received training in active learning strategies for STEM.

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