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Engineering the Future: Preparing BME Students with Practical Labs

Thursday, April 29, 2021

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Future biomedical engineers need hands-on training to engage in critical thinking and creative problem-solving to build on real-life engineering experiences.

How can you prepare your students for biomedical engineering in the real-world?

Our distinguished speaker and ASEE member, Dr. Shankar Krishnan, will share his strategy for providing a solid foundation in human physiology (EKG/ECG, EMG, EEG, SP02, Respiration) to BME students. Join us to learn how he tailored BME curriculum to engage students and help them shape successful careers in biomedical engineering. He will also discuss tools for practical physiology experiments and give expert advice on acquiring teaching resources for engineering labs.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to plan BME curriculum around real-world applications
  • Innovative ideas for student engagement and project-based learning
  • How to acquire essential resources for engineering labs
  • Tools for teaching cardiovascular, respiratory, SpO2, and EEG concepts for engineering students
  • Overview of the Biopac Student Lab

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BME Expert Dr. Krishnan

About Dr. Shankar M. Krishnan
Professor & Director
Wentworth Institute of Technology

Our distinguished speaker, Dr. Shankar Krishnan, has over 30 years of international professional experience in biomedical engineering education, research and development, medical product design, clinical engineering, and project management. He is the founding Director of BME Department and endowed chair professor at WIT in Boston. He was founding Director of BME Research Center and founding Department and founding Head of Bioengineering Division at NTU in Singapore. He served in management positions in academia, medical devices industry, and hospitals. He worked in R&D at Coulter, hospital design and operations management at Bechtel for Healthcare megaprojects, and as Assistant Director at Massachusetts General Hospital, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. Dr. Krishnan has significantly contributed to development of new activities and general welfare of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE). He is an active member in IEEE EMBS, AAMI, BMES, and ASEE. He has numerous publications and has given invited talks at several international conferences. He was selected to Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Xi Honor societies, and is a Fellow of AIMBE. He was a member of a team which received the CIMIT Kennedy Innovation Award. His research interests include BME education, research and development, medical product design, clinical engineering, and project management.

About Jasmine Anderson

Jasmine is the Biopac Student Lab Product Manager; she previously served as the Midwest Regional Sales Representative for four years. Prior to joining BIOPAC Systems, Jasmine taught undergraduate laboratory courses and received training in active learning strategies for STEM. Today, she works on educational solutions that engage and excite students while streamlining the teaching process.

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