New Citations | BIOPAC in MRI Research

Scientists have been able to discover how the mind and body work together through combining recorded physiological signals and the use of MRIs. Read the studies below to discover how to incorporate BIOPAC equipment with MRI research…

inducing states of flow with video gamesA video-game-based method to induce states of high and low flow. Behavior Research Methods, 1-33. Joessel, F., Pichon, S., & Bavelier, D. (2023).

Researchers introduced a method to manipulate flow (the ability to effortlessly be on task) by comparing two video game play conditions. The game conditions were at personalized levels of difficulty so that participants could try their best in both conditions. BIOPAC equipment and software were used to record all cardiac, electrodermal, and respiratory measures. Respiratory data were able to be acquired in the MRI machine using the MRI-compatible respiratory belt and RSP100C module.

Reliability and validity of brain-gastric phase synchronization. Human Brain Mapping44(14), 4956-4966. Levakov, G., Ganor, S., & Avidan, G. (2023).

Brain-gastric interactions have been found to have broad implications, though their reliability and whether they can be generalized is relatively unknown. This study examined the former and built a framework for future research on brain-stomach interactions and the gastric system as a whole. Researchers recorded cardiac and gastric signals in the MRI utilizing BIOPAC’s MRI-safe ECG amplifier.

Hippocampal Involvement in Safety Signal Learning Varies With Anxiety Among Healthy Adults. Biological Psychiatry Global Open Science. Odriozola, P., Kribakaran, S., Cohodes, E. M., Zacharek, S. J., McCauley, S., Haberman, J. T., … & Gee, D. G. (2023).

This study looked at the neural mechanisms related to safety signal learning (SSL) in relation to anxiety. These researchers provided insights to SSL that can aid in understanding fear reduction and optimizing interventions for individuals with anxiety disorders. They recorded data in the MRI using BIOPAC’s data acquisition system and analyzed data with AcqKnowledge software.

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