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Psychophysiology - Record and analyze BP, ECG, HRV, EDA, EMG, EEG, EOG, RSP, etc. Interface to stimulus presentation programs...use automated analysis routines to easily score and analyze data.
Cardiovascular Hemodynamics - Hardware for human and animals. Measure continuous BP, ECG, stroke volume, cardiac output, PPG, etc. For animal and tissue look at acute and chronic dose-response.

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AcqKnowledge: Newest Features - New Features and Enhancements Increase the Power & Flexibility of AcqKnowledge! AcqKnowledge software is included with each MP160 and MP36R System and some integrated systems; it can also be purchased separately. Check BIOPAC…
Troubleshooting MP160 Ethernet Communication - MP160 communication can be compromised by a variety of factors, typically indicated by the presentation of dialogs during software startup. Troubleshooting MP160 Communications provides detailed steps to resolve communication errors.

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Stellar Software Authorization [Page] - Follow the procedure below (or print these Stellar Activation details) to activate your Stellar Software License to use AcqKnowledge to acquire and analyze data from Stellar hardware. Launch AcqKnowledge. When told your…
Stellar Telemetry [Advanced Feature] - Stellar telemetry records blood pressure, biopotential, temperature and activity data from multiple animals in the same area – multiple animals in the same cage or enclosure. The radio frequency animal…