Yearly Archives: 2015

Active Learning Techniques with Biopac Student Lab—Featured Article

Dr. Renata Fortuna Ramos at Rice University took an inventive step to try to increase student engagement within her Systems Physiology Laboratory Module (BIOE 320) course. Her paper entitled “Introduction of Active Learning Techniques Increases Student Learning in a Systems Physiology Laboratory Course” details her steps to implementing student-led active learning. The class, which requires […]

Affect Responses, ICP, and Arterial Oxygen—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Comparing Affective Responses to Photos and Video: This study tested the capability of different multimedia databases in the stimulation of the participants’ emotions. Subjects were exposed to picture and video stimuli while a BIOPAC MP150 system monitored skin conductance, ECG, skin temperature, […]

B-Alert EEG-Based Metrics in Deadly Force Training

Wireless EEG Cognitive State Data for Training

The B-Alert Wireless EEG system and Cognitive state metrics software were highlighted by NBC News San Diego on the August 17th edition of their newscast, which reported they were being used during police deadly force training. NBC News profiles the recently validated findings from Advanced Brain Monitoring, who are using their technology to monitor police officer’s brain activity […]

Bed Rest, Stress, and Neuromuscular Fatigue: New BIOPAC Citations

New publications have been released featuring BIOPAC research solutions. As always, these studies and more can be found over at our publications page. These brand new publications include: Effects of Head-Down Bed Rest on Brain Physiology and Working Memory: Researcher's used bed rest (specifically in head-down position) to simulate the effects that the prolonged weightlessness […]

BioNomadix Logger Records Great Data

Here are some brand new images of the BioNomadix Logger recording ECG rate EDA, ECG RSP, & EMG Goniometer:  -ECG Rate EDA AcqKnowledge Data -ECG RSP AcqKnowledge Data -EMG Goniometry AcqKnowledge Data The Logger can also record EEG, EOG, EGG, Pulse, Temperature, Impedance Cardiography, Strike Force (Heel-Toe), Clench Force (Dynamometry), Torsiometry, and Accelerometry. You can […]

BIOPAC and iMotions Announce Partnership to Drive Biometric Research to New Levels

BIOPAC Systems, Inc. and  iMotions, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to give commercial, industrial, and academic researchers worldwide the ability to elevate their research by combining BIOPAC’s best-in-class hardware solutions with the leading iMotions Biometric Research Software Platform.    BIOPAC provides a full line of system solutions that measure physiology anywhere, anytime and from any subject, while […]

BIOPAC Featured on Good Morning America for Stress Response Data

Good Morning America Stress Rescue with BIOPAC EMG EDA GSR

BIOPAC equipment was featured on the August 20, 2015 Good Morning America program. The segment—titled “Is Tension Contagious?”—profiled how stress can spread across individuals. The profile covered a variety of different environments of when this effect may happen, from parent to child or from husband to wife. The segment ended with a live demonstration of […]

BIOPAC Solutions Cited in New Studies

BIOPAC research systems have recently been featured in a number of new studies. These experiments cover a wide variety of subjects, including benefits of yoga-type breathing, mapping brain abnormalities in bipolar disorder, and the effects that reward and threat interact to effect cognitive tasks. Here are some of the new papers that utilize BIOPAC products: […]

Common Knowledge, Gambling, & Sex Differences—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Gambling and Arousal: Researchers examined the relationships associated with arousal during the Iowa Gambling Task including personality, phases of gambling, and perceived control of gambling task. A BIOPAC MP150 system with EDA amplifiers were used to record Skin Conductance Response (SCR) in […]

Cycling, Swimming, and Social Power—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Maximal Effort Cycling Test: Researchers evaluated EMG frequency changes during a three-minute maximal effort cycling test session and examined whether mean or median frequency was better for evaluation. Raw EMG signals were recorded with an MP150 system and analyzed using