Common Knowledge, Gambling, & Sex Differences—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include:

  • Gambling and Arousal: Researchers examined the relationships associated with arousal during the Iowa Gambling Task including personality, phases of gambling, and perceived control of gambling task. A BIOPAC MP150 system with EDA amplifiers were used to record Skin Conductance Response (SCR) in AcqKnowledge Software. You can find the paper here.
  • Sex Differences in Athletics: This study assessed the differences between sexes in rapid torque development of the triple extensors which are crucial for athletic tasks, such as vertical jump. A BIOPAC MP system with AcqKnowledge Software was used to record hip, knee, and ankle extension. Read the entire study here.
  • Psychology of Common Knowledge: Across three different papers, researcher’s explored the psychology behind common knowledge in relation to coordination, indirect speech, and self-conscious. A BIOPAC MP150 system with an ECG100C amplifier was used to record cardiovascular measures. Find the entire study here.

You can find these studies and more over on our Publications Page.


New Citations | BIOPAC in VR Studies

Virtual reality has expanded research capabilities, providing researchers with the ability to...

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