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BIOPAC Featured on Good Morning America for Stress Response Data

Good Morning America Stress Rescue with BIOPAC EMG EDA GSR

BIOPAC equipment was featured on the August 20, 2015 Good Morning America program. The segment—titled “Is Tension Contagious?”—profiled how stress can spread across individuals. The profile covered a variety of different environments of when this effect may happen, from parent to child or from husband to wife.

The segment ended with a live demonstration of this effect, as a participant was given a stress-inducing stimuli (a video showing other people in stressful situations) and then monitored. The subject in the segment was hooked up to a BIOPAC MP150 system with wired amplifier modules recording facial EMG, EDA (GSR), and ECG while AcqKnowledge software was used to analyze and display the data.

The segment features Dr. Tony Buchanan, from the St. Louis University Department of Psychology, providing background information on the subject and Stephanie Preston, from the University of Michigan Department of Psychology, who was in the studio performing the data measurements (pictured above). The entire clip is well worth the watch and can be found streaming on the ABC News website.

BIOPAC records stress response EMG EDA


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