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BIOPAC and iMotions Announce Partnership to Drive Biometric Research to New Levels

BIOPAC Systems, Inc. and  iMotions, Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to give commercial, industrial, and academic researchers worldwide the ability to elevate their research by combining BIOPAC’s best-in-class hardware solutions with the leading iMotions Biometric Research Software Platform.
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BIOPAC provides a full line of system solutions that measure physiology anywhereanytime and from any subject, while the iMotions Biometric Research Platform enables researchers to execute multi-modal studies faster, easier and more reliable than any other alternative in the market.

“The partnership with iMotions is very exciting,” said Frazer Findlay, CEO of BIOPAC. “It will increase BIOPAC’s reach into the commercial and scalable research markets such as neuromarketing, consumer behavior research and consumer neuroscience, which are growth areas for us,” Findlay said. He went on to say that, “Now, organizations and businesses conducting applied research into consumer behavior and related subjects will have access to integrated, proven, high-quality data acquisition and analysis solutions delivering the physiological data necessary to test and validate marketing and product design decisions. These solutions can complement traditional behavioral study methods—such as surveys or questionnaires—or stand on their own.”

“At iMotions, we’re excited to offer our customers the opportunity to use BIOPAC’s high-end and widely deployed product suite,” said Peter Hartzbech, Founder & CEO of iMotions. “BIOPAC has over 20,000 scholarly citations and their systems are used in the premier laboratories and research facilities around the world. The combined solution will enable researchers to push the limits of science even further,” Peter Hartzbech said.

iMotions develops and markets the most comprehensive, easy to use and scalable biometric research platform in the World. It helps our clients conduct state-of-the-art human behaviour research in the areas of Psychology, Neuroscience, Human Factors Engineering, Education, Health, Business and Human Computer Interaction.

As part of the partnership, BIOPAC products will be distributed by iMotions, and the BIOPAC MP160 data acquisition platform will be integrated with iMotions leading Biometric Research Platform. This will enable iMotions’ clients to take advantage of BIOPAC’s advanced hardware to acquire and analyze physiological signals such as GSR (EDA), ECG, EMG and respiration measurement in their biometric research, and let BIOPAC clients easily synchronize their physiological data with iMotions’ integrated stimulus presentation engine and data from eye tracking, facial expressions, analysis surveys and much more. You can request more about iMotions-BIOPAC partnership here.


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