MP160 System + EOG for MRI with disposable electrodes

Hardware Package: MRI
Advanced Features: Saccadic Eye Movements, Great ECG data recording, TTL Output – trigger external devices, Eye Tracking, Consumer Neuroscience – Eye Tracking, MRI Biopotential Signals, MRI Trigger / R-wave Synch, MRI Subject Feedback

MP160 System + EOG for MRI with disposable electrodes

MP160 System with EOG amplifier, cable set, three leads & disposable electrodes for MRI, and impedance checker


MRI Cbl/Filter System for Biopot. Amps

Part #: LEAD108B

clip lead RT unshielded

Part #: GEL100

GEL1, GEL100 Non-irritating Conductant Gel

Part #: EOG100C

EOG Electrooculogram Amplifier

Part #: ELPAD

ELPAD Abrasive Pads

Part #: EL-CHECK


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