Tri-axial Accelerometers

tri-axial acceleromter

Tri-Axial Accelerometers

BIOPAC offers tri-axial accelerometers available in 5 G and 50 G. These acceleromters are normally used with the BIOPAC HLT100C module, which makes high-level transducer connections and also provides power to the transducer when making a connection. When used in conjunction with AcqKnowledge software, an MP data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, and the HLT100C module, these items form elements of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

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Accelerometer 5G (uses 3 inputs)


Part #: TSD109C2, TSD109J

Tri-Axial Accelerometers are high level output transducers that provide three outputs, simultaneously measuring acceleration along the X-, Y- and Z-axes.…

Accelerometer 5G (uses 3 inputs)

Accelerometers – MP3X

Part #: SS26LB, SS34L

Tri-axial Accelerometers connect directly to the MP3X unit to provide three outputs, each simultaneously measuring accelerations in the X, Y,…