BIOPAC Amplifiers

Advanced Amplifier Technology for Better Recording and Better Data

BIOPAC amplifiers work with BIOPAC MP data acquisition systems and transducers or electrodes for a variety of life science teaching and research applications. Reliable, accurate and simple to use, these BIOPAC amplifiers items amplify and/or record biopotential or electric activity and are an integral part of a complete research or teaching system. Optimized for specific signals, BIOPAC’s wide range of amplifiers further enhances your ability to create a system to suit your requirements. For easy setup and system expansion or modification, BIOPAC amplifiers snap together and pull apart for simple substitutions. BIOPAC systems are cited in thousands of peer-reviewed publications and BIOPAC has sold over 18,000 amplifiers worldwide.

Use any of these BIOPAC amplifiers as a stand-alone device with the IPS100C isolated power supply module.

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Human Oximetrt System

Human Pulse Oximetery (SpO2) System


The OXYSSH-SYS is a noninvasive Human Pulse Oximetry System that works in conjunction with an MP36, MP36R, MP35 or MP45*…

Isolated Power Supply

Isolated Power Supply for 100D or 100C Series

Part #: IPS100D

The IPS100D allows you to operate up to 16 amplifiers on a stand-alone basis—independent of an MP data acquisition unit.…

Annual NIBP Module Service for Maintenance & Safety

NIBP Service Plan


Annual Maintenance & Safety Service for NIBP Modules Includes: Extension of the original warranty for one year (excludes finger cuffs,…

NIBP100E Amplifier ships with 3 finger cuffs

Noninvasive Blood Pressure Amplifier

Part #: NIBP100E

The NIBP100E noninvasive blood pressure system provides continuous, beat‐to‐beat, blood pressure signal and values (Sys, Dia, MAP) and Pulse Rate (PR)*. …

Finger Cuff Sensor, NIBP100D and AcqKnowledge

Noninvasive Blood Pressure Module

Part #: NIBP100D

The NIBP100D noninvasive blood pressure system provides continuous, beat‐to‐beat, blood pressure signal and values (Sys, Dia, MAP) and Pulse Rate (PR)*.…

O-ring kit for NIBP100D or NIBP100E

Part #: RXNIBP100D-KIT

This O-ring repair kit is used to lubricate or replace the O-rings for the NIBP100D or NIBP100E Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor,…

Sm. Animal Tail BP Monitor System

Part #: NIBP250

The NIBP250 small animal tail noninvasive blood pressure monitor is a stand-alone device to measure the blood pressure of small…

Sm. Animal Tail Noninvasive BP Amplifier

Part #: NIBP200A

The NIBP200A small animal tail noninvasive blood pressure amplifier incorporates a built-in pump that automatically inflates the blood pressure cuff…