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On Demand | High-density Thru-the-hair fNIRS with EEG

BIOPAC Systems is excited to partner with Seenel Imaging to announce a groundbreaking wearable neuroimaging device for neuroscience research, MedelOpt. 

Brain and behavior researchers can easily combine electrical and hemodynamic data with a new tool/solution to obtain the best measurements of neurophysiological and hemodynamic activity. MedelOpt is a whole-head fNIRS and EEG device suitable for mobile, in-lab stationary, and multi-subject applications.

This presentation will include a live demo using MedelOpt for simultaneous fNIRS/EEG recording during a motor task. We will show you how to set up the device, record whole-brain activity, and plot the average brain response with particular attention to the motor cortex. The high number of emitters and detectors as well as the unique headset design allow optical imaging recording that can provide whole-brain and regional recordings from the prefrontal cortex to the motor regions for precise mapping of brain activity. Based on a simple hand-grasping motor task, we will show you how to plot the average hemodynamic response on multiple channels and obtain a brain cortical projection of fNIRS activity.

You will learn the following

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