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Eye tracking technology has come a long way and has enabled researchers to conduct mobile experiments and track participants in real world scenarios. These featured studies demonstrate some of the use cases for mobile eye tracking technology. Here are some recent studies that have used BIOPAC systems for eye tracking research…

eye tracking shows distracted driverDrivers’ gaze patterns when resuming control with a head-up-display: Effects of automation level and time budget. Accident Analysis & Prevention180, 106905. Xu, C., Louw, T. L., Merat, N., Li, P., Hu, M., & Li, Y. (2023).

  • This study used eye tracking glasses to observe gaze patterns of drivers taking back control. Drivers were placed in vehicles with varying automation levels and faced with different distractions while driving. They were also given different amounts of time to react and they’re ability to take over the vehicle was recorded.

Effects of reading contextualized physics problems among men and women: A psychophysiological approach. Trends in Neuroscience and Education, 100199. Bouhdana, I., Charland, P., Foisy, L. M. B., Lapierre, H. G., Léger, P. M., Allaire-Duquette, G., … & Mahhou, M. A. (2023).

  • This study observed how reading physics in different contexts would affect both performance and interest in students. Researchers looked at pupil diameter changes and EDA to measure the level of interest with a BIOPAC data acquisition system. Lower performance and interest were found for all participants in contextualized physics, which led researchers to encourage caution when adding context to science problems.

Age Differences in Learning-Related Neurophysiological Changes. Journal of Psychophysiology. Tinga, A. M., Menger, N. S., de Back, T. T., & Louwerse, M. M. (2023).

  • This study researched whether neurophysiological learning changes in older adults were similar to those of young adults. They collected signals for wireless ECG, wireless EDA, respiration, and eye tracking to compare changes in the two different age groups. When comparing the data, they found that learning may differ between young adults and older adults.

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