MP150 Firmware – Mac

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  1. Find the MP150 Tools Firmware Upgrade file in the BIOPAC program folder installed on your computer.
    • The default location is on the hard drive in the Applications > AcqKnowledge folder.
  2. Open it.
  3. Click Next to begin the procedure.
  4. Use the connect dialog to designate an MP150 to upgrade.
    • You must connect to an MP150 to complete the firmware upgrade.
  5. Confirm the designated MP150 information and click Yes.
  6. Click Start to initiate the firmware upgrade.
    • A warning will be generated if the firmware to be installed is older than the current firmware.
  7. When the upgrade is complete, a success dialog will be generated. Click Quit to close out.
    • If the firmware upgrade was not successful, you will be prompted to rollback to an older firmware version. Click here for Firmware Rollback Instructions .

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