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The Metabolic Analysis script, with the companion graph template, is used to measure metabolic parameters from a subject: air flow, %O2, %CO2.

File setup and calibration is entirely scripted, meaning the program has full control of the process and the user is queried for input only when the script requires it. Program flow is manifested with buttons and prompts. A detailed Script Guide is included with the download.

Place the script and template within the program directory:

C:ProgramDataBIOPAC Systems, IncAcqKnowledge 4.2.xScripts

    • Metabolic Analysis.bbs
    • MetabolicAnalysisTemplate.gtl

Launch AcqKnowledge (with an active Scripting license).

Select the Script menu and choose the script (.bbs file), which will be invoked when it is selected.

(Script file, Metabolic Analysis.bbs, updated 1/30/2013.)

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