Script 039 – Import Markers from Text




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This BIOPAC Basic Script will import markers that have been defined in a text file into AcqKnowlegde. This script uses a text file with Marker Time and Marker Label formatted as two (2) tab-separated columns. For example, from a text file with 1.5 “smile” and 3.8 “frown” this script will:

  • Place one global marker of type “stim” at 1.5 seconds in the currently active graph file and set the marker label text to “smile”

  • Place another global “stim” marker at 3.8 seconds with the label “frown”

The script can be modified to use a different separation character and/or to accept files where a third column specifies the Marker Type. The default Marker Type for this script is “stim” since it is the most commonly used marker in the AcqKnowledge software.

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