Script 004 – Custom multiple measurements at marker




BIOPAC Developer - scripting, network data transfer, API, support 

The following script allows the user to obtain desired measurements before and after a stimulus event marker. Using this script the user can, for example, obtain the mean heart rate for the five one-second intervals preceding each stimulus event and five one second intervals following each stimulus event (10 measurements total). The measurements will be output to an Excel spreadsheet where each row accounts for stimulus events and each column accounts for the specified time period (binned analysis). In this example each column would be the mean heart rate for each second of our specific interval (5 seconds before stimulus to five seconds after stimulus).

This script can be used for other measurements as well. These can be specified via the following dialog boxes:

  1. The channel for the measurement. (In addition, the measurement type can be defined)

  2. The type of event marker that the measurement will be based on.

  3. The number of time intervals before and after the stimulus that the measurement should be performed for.

  4. The duration of the measurement time intervals.

Script download contains sample data file and BIOPAC Basic Script.

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