MP160 System + EMG MRI amp & disposable RT electrodes

Hardware Package: MRI
Applications: EMG: Electromyography
Advanced Features: EMG & Force, Automated EMG Analysis, MRI Biopotential Signals, Automatic Spike

MP160 System + EMG MRI amp & disposable RT electrodes

MP160 with AcqKnowledge plus EMG MRI amp with disposable radio-translucent electrodes


MRI Cbl/Filter System for Biopot. Amps

Part #: LEAD108B

clip lead RT unshielded

Part #: GEL100

GEL1, GEL100 Non-irritating Conductant Gel

Part #: EMG100C-MRI

Part #: ELPAD

ELPAD Abrasive Pads

Part #: EL-CHECK


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