Olfactory (Scent) Delivery

Scent Delivery System for Research

The Scent Delivery System uses compressed air to provide olfactory stimulation. Project different scents on cue for a predetermined time followed by a burst of unscented air to clear for the next scent. Dispersed scent covers approximately 3-6 meters in front of unit, depending on how many fans are utilized. Scents can be triggered from a virtual reality environment.

olfactory stimulationSDS100 includes compact, computer-controlled (USB), eight-scent module and software to control the delivery and duration of scents from the SDS100 unit.

Used with MP data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, AcqKnowledge software, electrodes, amplifiers and other system components to measure physiological responses, this scent delivery system is an element of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

  • SCENT packets are available in over 120 scent options available—Scent List .


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Dry scent option

Scent 5-pack for Scent Delivery

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Modular Scent Delivery System for up to 8 wet or dry scents

Scent Delivery System (1-8)

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