Disposable Electrodes

EL503 Disposable Electrodes

Easy-to-Use Single Use Electrodes

BIOPAC’s disposable EL500 series electrodes offer a fast, easy, and and more hygienic alternative to reusable electrodes.  EL500 series electrodes are available as pre-gelled or dry surface electrodes with snap connector with cloth, foam, long-term, paired, RT, Bioimpedance and EDA options. EL500 Series snap electrodes provide the same signal transmission as BIOPAC’s reusable electrodes, with added convenience and hygiene. Each peel-and-stick disposable electrode is designed for one use only. Available pre-gelled or dry. Use disposable snap electrodes with leads from the LEAD100 series or an SS2/2L, SS29L, or SS57L lead set.

For radiotranslucent/MRI recording setups, choose radiotranslucent (-RT) electrodes and see BIOPAC MRI Guidelines.