Cables and Accessories for General Research Use

BIOPAC offers a variety of cables and accessories for general research uses. An Ethernet switch and card, various cables for calibration, extension, reference, and USB connections are provided. A force transducer tension adjuster, Video Sync cable, calibration cable to verify calibration on  BIOPAC 100C series Biopotential amplifiers, a Wilson Terminal to create a virtual reference electrode when measuring the transverse plane (i.e., precordial) ECG components, and other cables and accessories are available.

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Cbl USB A to USB B, 1.8 m

Part #: CBLUSB

Replacement USB cable connects the MP36, MP36R, or MP35 data acquisition unit to a USB port. Includes and provides EMI…

BIOPAC cables

Extension Cables


Use these extension cables to increase the distance between the designated system and your computer. CBLHLT1 7.6 m phono plug extension cable…


GPS Tracking Unit


GPS Location Synchronization Use this GPS tracking device with AcqKnowledge to import and synchronize a subject’s physical location with experiment…

LED Video Sync Cable, 3 m

Part #: OUT103

Use this LED cable to create a light flash to synchronize with a video camera. AcqKnowledge for Windows allows you to…

MCE100C interface kit


Build your own customized adapter to a micro-electrode shielded cable. Cable shields can be tied to voltage follower drive or simply…

hardware adjuster for force transducer rods

Tension Adjusters

Part #: HDW100A, HDW200

The HDW100A tension adjuster operates with the TSD105A and TSD125 series force transducers. The HDW200 adapter allows 3rd-party tension adjusters to interface…

Ethernet adapter

USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Part #: ETHUSB

Fastest USB 3.0 and Gigabit solution ensure high speed transfer rate The USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter allows your computer to…

Wilson Terminal for ECG100C TP, 20 cm

Part #: WT100C

The WT100C is used to create a virtual reference electrode when measuring the transverse plane (i.e. precordial) ECG components [V1,…