Computer Interface

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Cbl Serial for MP100/MP30

Cbl Serial for MP100/MP30


One CBLSERA cable is included in each MP100 System or MP30 System. Connects the MP unit to USB1W (Windows) or USB1M…

Ethernet Patch Cbl, 2m

Ethernet Cables


CBLETH are Ethernet patch and crossover cables (2 m). Use one CBLETH1 to connect the MP150 to an Ethernet Switch and…

BIOPAC cables

Extension Cables

Part #: CBLEXT, CBLHLT1, OXY100E-200 EXT

Use these extension cables to increase the distance between the designated system and your computer. CBLHLT1 7.6 m phono plug extension cable…

CBL110A Ribbon Cable for SuperLab

Ribbon Cables

Part #: CBL110A, CBL110C, CBL110C-Y

Ribbon cables interface a visual presentation system with the Isolated Digital Interface (STP100C) for an MP160, MP150, or MP100 Research System.…