stimulating electrode with safety switchStimulators for Life Science Teaching

BIOPAC offers a  variety of low-voltage stimulators for use with the Biopac Student Lab System.  The maximum width pulse that can be generated is limited, ensuring the stimulators meet all stimulator safety standards. Stimulators are compatible with a variety of stimulator cables. Stimulators with manually controllable voltage range and Level are available.

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STMHUM Stimulator Hardware

Human-safe Stimulator 0-100 V

Part #: STMHUM

The STMHUM is a direct, human-safe stimulator that provides pulse output in the range of 0-100 V. The maximum width…

Low Voltage Stimulator, BSL MP35

Part #: SS58L

Use the low voltage stimulator with any electrode or lead with a BNC connector (such as needle electrodes or clip…

Voltage Stimulators


The Voltage Stimulator connects to either the MP36/MP35 or the MP30. BNC output provides compatibility with a variety of stimulator cables. The…