Output Adapter

stimulation output adapter

Stimulation Output Adapter for Biopac Student Lab

BIOPAC provides a stimulation output adapter cable that interfaces with BSLSTM Series Biopac Student Lab Stimulators and the OUT100 Headphones. This cable is required for Auditory Evoked Response experiments. This cable is also used with MP36R units for LED output (OUT103 to BSLCBL6 to OUT3 to MP36R). 

To use the OUT101 Tubephone with the BSLSTM stimulator, use BSLCBL6 with RadioShack adapter RadioSh 274-047D.

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stimulation output adapter

Cbl Stim BNC-M – 3.5 mm socket, 1.3 m

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The BSLCBL6 interfaces with the BSLSTM Biopac Student Lab Stimulator and the OUT100 Headphones. This cable is required for Auditory…

Stimulus presentation I/O lines

USB-TTL Interface

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