Disposable Electrodes

Easy-to-Use Single Use Electrodes

BIOPAC’s disposable EL500 series electrodes offer a fast, easy, and and more hygienic alternative to reusable electrodes.  EL500 series electrodes are available as pre-gelled or dry surface electrodes with snap connector with cloth, foam, long-term, paired, RT, Bioimpedance and EDA options. EL500 Series snap electrodes provide the same signal transmission as BIOPAC’s reusable electrodes, with added convenience and hygiene. Each peel-and-stick disposable electrode is designed for one use only. Available pre-gelled or dry. Use disposable snap electrodes with leads from the LEAD100 series or an SS2/2L, SS29L, or SS57L lead set.

elecrtode shelf lifeIMPORTANT! Use before date stamped on packaging. Reseal pouch after opening and store at ambient temperature to prevent electrode gel on unused electrodes from dehydrating.

For radiotranslucent/MRI recording setups, choose radiotranslucent (-RT) electrodes and see BIOPAC MRI Guidelines.

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Impedance electrodes with leads

Bioimpedance Strip Electrode with Leads

Part #: EL526

Pack of four strip electrodes with TP leads attached, intended for bioimpedance applications. Each electrode is 16.5 cm x 1.3…

Cloth Base Electrodes

Part #: EL504, EL504-10

These disposable cloth base electrodes adhere well and are particularly useful for applications on non-conforming surfaces, such as facial EMG…

Disp. Radiotranslucent Electrode, 100/pk

Disp. Radiotranslucent Electrode, 100/pk

Part #: EL508

These disposable, radiotranslucent, pre-gelled electrodes have a circular contact on latex-free, vinyl tape backing. Use with LEAD108B or LEAD108C RT leads.…

facial EMG cloth electrode

Disposable Cloth Facial Electrodes

Part #: EL513, EL513-10

Disposable cloth electrodes designed for recording EMG or ECG for sleep and facial applications. 10 mm contact area on 2 cm x…

Dry electrode 1-inch foam

Disposable Dry Electrode for Infants

Part #: EL512, EL512-10

Small round dry electrode (2.54 cm; 1″) that is easy on the skin for infant applications. Peel-and-stick with medium adhesive. Add gel before…

Disposable Long-term Electrodes

Part #: EL502, EL502-10

Small, pre-gelled, electrodes. Most appropriate for long-term ( > 2 hours ) biopotential measurements. The hydrogel base also lends these…

AgAgCL snap electrode, latex free

EDA Electrodes

Part #: EL507A, EL507A-10

These dry disposable snap electrodes are designed for electrodermal activity studies and are ungelled. The latex-free electrodes conform and adhere…

EL503 Disposable Electrodes

General-purpose Electrodes

Part #: EL503, EL503-10

These pre-gelled disposable electrodes have a circular contact and are most suitable for short-term recordings, including surface EMG, ECG, EOG,…

Paired Electrodes

Part #: EL500, EL500-6

Fixed spacing electrode pairs—primarily used for recording nerve conduction measurements, cardiac output, electrical bio-impedance and general-purpose surface EMG measurements. These…

Stress Test Electrodes

Part #: EL501, EL501-10

These Ag-AgCl disposable, stress test, snap electrodes have the same signal transmission as reusable electrodes, with added convenience and hygiene.…