New BIOPAC & SMI Webinar Recording Released: Integrating Eye Tracking Data with Physiological Measurements

The BIOPAC-SMI webinar “Integrating Eye Tracking Data with Physiological Measurements” recording has just been made available to view.Integrating Eye Tracking with Physiological Measurements

In this exclusive webinar, which was held Tuesday March 8, BIOPAC and SMI experts present user case studies to demonstrate new research capabilities made possible by the plug & play integration of SensoMotoric Instruments eye tracking technology with BIOPAC’s wireless physiological recording systems. Key topics covered include types of applications for co-registration of eye tracking and physiological data, key considerations in selecting an eye tracking and physiological measurement platform, as well as practical use of co-registration in a screen-based and mobile setting and considerations for recording and analyzing physiological data.

Click here to watch the hour long webinar on demand: Integrating Eye Tracking Data with Physiological Measurements.

Click here to view the Webinar Q&A report, which includes all the questions and answers discussed during the webinar: Webinar QA Report

Click here to learn more about SMI Eye Tracking Solutions or Wearable, Wireless BioNomadix Logger Systems.


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