New Citations | BIOPAC in ANS Research

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is responsible for regulating the functions of all the body’s organs. Take a look at this month’s citations to see how to apply BIOPAC’s tools and learn techniques for ANS research…

Comparable responses to a wide range of olfactory stimulation in women and men. Scientific Reports13(1), 9059. Lillqvist, M., Claeson, A. S., Zakrzewska, M., & Andersson, L. (2023).

General culture seems to hold the belief that women have a more sensitive sense of smell than men, but past research has conflicting results. Researchers exposed both men and women to a wider range of odors than usual and recorded their reactions. Both EDA and ECG were recorded using a BIOPAC data acquisition system to determine reactions to odor exposure.

The Effect of Depression on The Autonomic Nervous System Activity. Abdo, A.

This study looked into the effect depression has on the autonomic nervous system, using heart rate variability. Participants were evaluated based on assessment questionnaires and 68% met the criteria for depression. Researchers recorded continuous ECG of participants in the study using BIOPAC products and software.

A study on sound stimulation using an individual’s heart rate to improve the stability and homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system: breathing support. Authorea Preprints. Kim, N., Younju, L. E. E., Kim, S., & Kwon, J. (2023).

Researchers proposed using average heart rate sound resonance (aHRSR) as respiratory support to prevent imbalance of ANS. In this study, they recorded PPG while aHRSR played through a speaker next to participants to determine HRV. Changes in ANS were recorded as well.

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