Monthly Archives: May 2015

Cycling, Swimming, and Social Power—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Maximal Effort Cycling Test: Researchers evaluated EMG frequency changes during a three-minute maximal effort cycling test session and examined whether mean or median frequency was better for evaluation. Raw EMG signals were recorded with an MP150 system and analyzed using

EDA SCR Analysis Guide for Psychological Experiments updated

Electrodermal Activity (EDA) is an increasingly important variable in psychological science. Refinements in analysis techniques and methods of handling EDA data and making it fit for final analysis and interpretation follow ongoing improvements in technology, methodology, and reporting. Such advancements also leave room for some controversies over how EDA should be analyzed in given circumstances. […]

Independent Research Validates B-Alert X10 Wireless EEG Metrics

B-Alert X10 offers mobile, wireless acquisition of 9 channels of high fidelity EEG plus ECG, and AcqKnowledge adds powerful analysis tools, including automated scoring and reporting options. Independent research publications demonstrating how B-Alert X10 EEG Metrics are generalizing across environments include: Accelerated Learning: Optimizing Surgeon Training Brain activity was monitored during all tasks with a B-Alert X10 […]

Kenyans Inspired by BIOPAC Research and Teaching Systems

BIOPAC Distributor Gideon Burger of Axiology Labs, based in South Africa, hosted a BIOPAC workshop in Kenya in mid May to introduce teaching and research solutions for Universities. Participants had a hands-on opportunity to learn why BIOPAC is recognized around the world as the premier choice for life science research or teaching—and why BIOPAC is […]

Tai Chi, Seizures, and Coping Responses—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include: Effects of T’ai chi on Lower Back Pain: This study observed a group of females in their 20’s with acute lower back pain and the effects that practicing T’ai Chi had on their condition. The researchers recorded surface EMG using a BIOPAC […]