Tai Chi, Seizures, and Coping Responses—New Citations

Brand new publications have been released featuring BIOPAC solutions. These new papers include:

  • Effects of T’ai chi on Lower Back Pain: This study observed a group of females in their 20’s with acute lower back pain and the effects that practicing T’ai Chi had on their condition. The researchers recorded surface EMG using a BIOPAC MP150 system with EMG amplifiers. The full text PDF is available here (click on the full text PDF link on the page).

  • Mechanisms of Seizure during Pregnancy: This dissertation aimed to investigate the effects of pregnancy and preeclampsia (a hypertensive complication of pregnancy) using rats. A BIOPAC MP150 unit with EEG amplifiers was used to record EEG and then signals were analyzed using here.

  • Compassionate Reappraisal versus Emotional Suppression: This experiment tested the difference between compassionate reappraisal versus emotional suppression as a coping response to a victim’s mindset about a past offense. Researchers used a BIOPAC MP150 system, EMG amplifiers, NICO100C and facial EMG and impedance cardiography respectively. Read the full text here.

You can find these and other studies over at our publications page.


New Citations | BIOPAC in Exercise Studies

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